How To Achieve And Maintain Peak Performance In Dressage

Often called equine ballet, dressage can be just as intricate to understand as its human counterpart. The purpose of this article is to provide a quick glossary to some of the more frequently used and heard terms around the barn, training arena, DirectStarTV, and show ring. Impulsion: The releasing of a horse’s energy as it carries itself forward in a seemingly eager and desirous manner. Lightness: Simply stated, the horse’s lightness on its feet in relation to movement, carriage and gaits – a sign of willingness, eagerness, and obedience. Continue Reading »


After The Show: Using The Judges Feedback To Improve

For people who want to be seriously competitive in equestrian, it is important to use every bit of feedback that you can possibly get. Too often, people continue to do the same things over and over while expecting different results. This is the case in all sports. In most sports, though, you will not get direct feedback about what you are doing wrong and what you could do better. In equestrian, the judges will provide some feedback on what caused you to get a Continue Reading »


Dressage: It Really Is All About The Transitions

Dressage is truly all about the transitions. Execution of high school maneuvers can only come after one has mastered the basic gaits. A smoothness of transitions is what separates the truly great riders from the mediocre. Olympic level riding can be practiced at home. When great attention is given to transitions, one can finally bring up their dressage scores. This work isn’t just for training level riders.

Lightness should always be desired in a horse when practicing transitions. The changes in Continue Reading »


Imports, Domestic Breeds And Homebreds: Selecting The Perfect Partner

Occasionally referred to as horse ballet, dressage is a French word translated as “training”. There are a number of dressage movements a horse must learn in order to compete, and its rider has to appear to be completely relaxed with commands barely evident to the judges. The tests performed to show off the horse’s natural dexterity are graded from 0 to 10, with 10 being a perfect score. Although competing against others, judges grade horse and rider as one, and they are judged by a specific standard rather than Continue Reading »


Keeping Your Horses Safe

Owning a horse is a lot of work, as any practitioner of dressage can tell you, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to keep your horses safe. Here are a few best practices when it comes to keeping your riding friends healthy and secure before a big event.
Secure their stables: Horses are expensive and sometimes this works to their disadvantage. To prevent stable break ins where thieves steal equipment, outfits or even the horses themselves, invest in a security system in your area from a reputable company like adt.
Get a great vet: When your horse is sick is no time to think about finding a vet. Do your research now and find an appropriate equestrian veterinarian for your horse’s needs. Vets can help you maintain your horses health and at the same time prevent any diseases from taking root.
Wear proper gear: Just as important as wearing a helmet for riders is wearing non-rust spurs and anti-chaffing saddles. Keeping your horse comfortable is the first step in making sure they’re safe on the riding track and off. Doing your do-diligence along the way can save you tons of money and hassle in the long run.


Testing Your Memory: 5 Tips For Successfully Memorizing Tests

Here are some tips for successfully memorizing tests, rules and regulations which are surprisingly easy to do for anyone. I have found from experience what works best is to write and copy what you want to memorize on paper, you could also use a word processor but I have found that hand copying seems to make a more lasting mental impression and increases memory retention.
Secondly, once you have copied the material you wish to memorize then find a quite place free from distractions. Thirdly, read Continue Reading »


Aiming For The Elusive Perfect Score: Is It Possible?

Any dedicated and disciplined horseback rider dreams of achieving the perfect competition score. We have all daydreamed about being the best we can be, and we have all tried to figure out just how many hours of practice and study are necessary to do so.

But we have also all been brought back to reality by crushing defeats, or at least by doing worse in a competition than we would like to. Perfectionism is a great goal, but also a harsh master. Is the elusive perfect score even possible?

There are countless reasons that you Continue Reading »


Down The Center Line: Finding X Every Time

When you are looking for your next horse, you can see the selection is quite large. This is when you should have two tips for helping you in picking out the horse for you. Once you have these tips, it can easily narrow down the selection for you.

The best tip to use will be to look at the size of the horse. Now you already know these horses are quite large, but if they are to big for you to handle, then you will probably end up losing quite a few Continue Reading »


The Governing Bodies: Who Is Ultimately Responsible For What

In the equestrian realm, dressage is governed by a number of committees. The specific governing body for the sport depends on not only what country one is in, but also the type of competition one plans to participate in. The United States Equestrian Federation is the primary governing body over the sport in the United States. In order to compete, one must be a member of the Federation, and the horse must be of a certain age. If Continue Reading »


USEF & USDF: Working Together To Protect Rider Safety

The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) joined numerous other riding organizations in early January to discuss updates in helmet technology and safety. The result was a universal vow to improve helmet safety for all riding sports. Weeks later the USEF Board of Directors made good on its promise by voting in tougher protective headgear standards during the Annual Meeting.

The new helmet regulations effect dressage and eventing competitions. While the eventing world has steadily been moving toward tighter helmet rules, the dressage world had been slower to respond until a riding accident Continue Reading »

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